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Stella by starlight great Play Along 200bpm

Stella by Starlight Backing Track / 200bpm…

Here is a nice backing track / play along / playback, you name it ! In a gypsy jazz feeling…
I did the rhythm guitar & electric bass to add more live feel to it… Well in fact I’m not a real bassist but I hope it’s ok and that you will enjoy jamming on it 🙂 leave me a comment and let me know what you think 🙂
Stella By Starlight is a very popular song by Victor Young that was used for the main title and soundtrack of the 1944 Paramount Pictures film, The Uninvited. The theme is really great and quite simple but the harmony and the chords are really advanced to follow, so it became very popular for jazz and bebop player to play over those changes…

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You can find it here:

Backing tracks Jazz

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