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Welcome to Guitar Session!

 If you have any questions the answer may be here, otherwise contact me

Look If I am available in the live chat (bottom right), & if not you can contact me on the contact page I will do my best to answer you quickly!

1) When you are on the page of a course, you can click on “Take this course”, you will then go to the payment page.
2) You can then pay by credit card or paypal, the course will be directly accessible!
3) Go back to the course page, and click on start the course:

Start learn gypsy jazz course

You can see the list of all the courses you have purchased in the “my courses” page in the main menu:

Learn Gypsy jazz - My courses

The interface is simple, you have direct access to the list of chapters on the left, in the main section on the right is the video content, and at the bottom you can go to the next or previous lesson …

The site adapts perfectly to tablets and phones, the menus are sometimes accessible with a small icon at the top right or left depending on the page, but the principle remains the same!

Mini lessons are short free videos with some licks or transcriptions of a song.. Complete courses are hours of videos going in depth to explain how to play a specific song…

Downloads are generally accessible from one of the lessons of the course (“download your files”), or from your account page: “Download“. 


No problem, it is normally sent to you automatically by email, and you can contact us if necessary …



– Who am I?

 Guitar Session

My name is Daniel, I’ve been doing Gypsy Jazz for twenty years in a lot of bands … I have been giving guitar lessons for years, especially in Gypsy jazz … It’s a style where people are passionated, and it’s great for a teacher to see the motivation and progress of students!
Since 2014 I have been making guitar videos on youtube, over time I wanted to do this more seriously! so I started this site …

If you want to know more go to the page ‘ About ‘


– Why take an online course?

  • Think about it, an hour’s lesson usually costs around €30, if not more.
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to find a nice teacher who takes the time to really explain things to YOU ​​without just doing a demo of what HIM can do …
  • Sometimes he does not take the time to give you the documents corresponding to what you have just seen … (“Well you will remember it huh I’m not making you tabs ???”)
  • Add to that the time to go there, back and forth …

– Now think about the advantages of our courses:

  • On our site you will have access to very detailed videos, with tablatures, chords and other diagrams which appear on the screen .
  • Videos with themes played slowly with the synchronized tablature which scrolls at the same time
  • You can slow down and complete the parts that are causing you difficulty
  • Access to the courses is of course permanent in your account … 24/7!
  • You access to full trancriptions in pdf
  • AND Guitar pro files
  • Backing tracks in mp3 and video file with scrolling chords …

The advantages when the course is well done are undeniable to support your work!

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