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Video lessons to Learn gypsy Jazz

Learn gypsy jazz with Guitar Session
You will find here Video lessons to Learn the jazz and gypsy jazz technique, studing great songs and solos… Learn Standards, Learn Django’s songs, modern jazz, learn also balkan music, Scales, Arpegios, Chords, learn la pompe Rythm…

Gypsy Jazz-Chords-Book

Learn gypsy jazz chords

Free Chords Book: major, minor, dominant, diminished, semi diminished..

Learn Gypsy jazz !

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– Why learn gypsy jazz with an online course?

  • Think about it, an hour’s lesson usually costs around € 30, if not more.
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to find a nice teacher, who takes the time to really explain things to YOU without just doing a demo of what HIM can do …
  • Sometimes it does not take the time to give you the documents corresponding to what you have just seen … (“Well you will remember it huh I’m not making you the tabs ???”)
  • Add to that the time to go there, back and forth …

– Now think about the benefits of learning online:

  • On our site you will have access to very detailed videos, with tablatures, chords and other diagrams which appear on the screen .
  • Videos with the themes played slowly with the synchronized tablature which scrolls at the same time, no hesitation, you see exactly what is happening and can learn the tablatures at the same time
  • You can slow down and complete the parts that are causing you difficulty
  • Access to the courses is of course permanent in your account … 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • You access full trancriptions in pdf
  • Guitar pro files
  • Backing tracks in mp3 and video file with chords …

The advantages when the course is well done are undeniable to help your learning !!

Mini lessons

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Loop and slow down Transcriptions on Videos

All lessons are played at normal speed and at slow speed, with multiple cameras. The video player features a loop and slow down option for perfect control and comprehension.

Transcriptions & high quality mp3 backing tracks

With each lesson you’ll have access to downloadable transcriptions tablatures & backing tracks in mp3 at multiple tempos..

24/7 access to your lessons & videos on all devices

Once you create your account all your lessons & learning material will be available for all devices, computer, tablet, mobile etc.

Your instructor

Daniel is a passionated guitarist playing world music and gypsy jazz for more than 20 years, touring with several bands worldwide… He does videos since 2014 and decided to do that more seriously in 2020 with this site ! More infos

Keep in touch !

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