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Gypsy Jazz Chords-Book

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16 pages with all principal shapes:

1. Major chords on low E string, A string & D String

2. Minor chords on low E string, A string & D String

3. Dominant (7) chords on low E string, A string & D String + Dominant altered

4. Diminished

5. Semi Diminished

All you need to start comping ! 🙂

French Version here

Free Gypsy Jazz Chords Book

Gypsy Jazz-Chords-Book

Hello guys!

My name is Daniel, I play gypsy jazz for 20 years now (my god!!) and I do a lot of youtube videos..
Welcome on my website, I share here my passion for gypsy jazz, a lot of solos, licks from great players, free lessons and pdf to download and some big complete lessons (paid) to learn gypsy jazz, learn and progress… So hopefully you’ll find great gypsy jazz lessons to learn here !
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