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Free Backing Tracks


Free Gypsy Jazz backing tracks
To have access to everything:

We’ll add more and more songs progressively, don’t hesitate to ask for some tune if you want 🙂

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Course Curriculum

All of me 130bpm 00:00:00
All of me 210 Bpm 00:00:00
All the thing you are 200bpm 00:00:00
All the thing you are 240bpm 00:00:00
Autumn Leaves 120bpm 00:00:00
Autumn Leaves 200Bpm 00:00:00
Armando’s Rhumba 90bpm 00:00:00
Armando’s Rhumba 120bpm 00:00:00
Blues Mineur 130Bpm 00:00:00
Blues Mineur 160Bpm 00:00:00
Blues Mineur 180bpm 00:00:00
Bossa Dorado 130bpm 00:00:00
Bossa Dorado 160bpm 00:00:00
Djangology 140bpm 00:00:00
Djangology 200bpm 00:00:00
Django’s Tiger 160bpm 00:00:00
Django Tiger 210 Bpm 00:00:00
Donna Lee 120bpm 00:00:00
Donna Lee 160bpm 00:00:00
Donna Lee 200bpm 00:00:00
Donna Lee 240bpm 00:00:00
For sephora 160bpm 00:00:00
For Sephora 180bpm 00:00:00
Les yeux noirs (Dark eyes) 190bpm 00:00:00
Les yeux noirs (Dark eyes) 230bpm 00:00:00
Les yeux noirs 290 00:00:00
Made In France 170bpm 00:00:00
Made in France 210 Bpm 00:00:00
Made in France 230bpm 00:00:00
Minor Swing 150bpm 00:00:00
Minor Swing 190bpm 00:00:00
Minor Swing 210bpm 00:00:00
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