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Catastrophe ! 2nd album of Palinka Band… 13 original tracks Jazz / Tsigane / Gypsy jazz / a nice mix of energetic original songs !

  • Guitar, Vocal: Daniel Beja / Saxophone: Raphael Illes / DoubleBass: Nathanael Malnoury  / Doublebass 2 & 7: Flavio Perrella / Violin : Yohan Rochetta / Drums: Martin Vanlemberghe 
  • Copositions: Daniel Beja – composition n°12: Raphael Illes
    Guests: Yom (Klezmer King), Clarinet on 10 / Sylvia Auclair,  vocal on 8
  • Recorded at studio “Sextant – La Fonderie” by Romain ThebaultPlaylist: 1 Catastrophe, 2 Dragosh, 3,Petit Samouraï,4 Doha Hora,5 Doha Dolmesk, 6 Mario’s Boogalo Delirium, 7 Aie Aie Aie, 8 Bye Bye Novisad ,9 Le Pivert, 10 Jasmin, 11 Rue Myrha, 12 Raphology,13/14 Tranquille à Belleville

Catastrophe Album – Palinka


Guitar Session

Welcome to Dan’s guitar session.net! I’m Daniel, and I’m playing gypsy jazz for more than 20 years now… I’m making youtube videos since 2014, and decided to do that more seriously in 2019, so I built this site and produce content for it regulary… You’ll find free video lessons about jazz, gypsy jazz, soloing, licks etc. and some big complete courses (paid).. Hopefully if you want to learn gypy jazz you’ll find lessons perfect for you !
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