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An original Gypsy jazz / World album with 13 tracks: 11 compositions and 2 standards from Django… mix of jazz/ world / gypsy jazz music !

1 Aguascalientes Mood, 2 Appel indirect, 3 Funky Tsigane, 4 Valse de Zacatecas, 5 Destructure Man, 6 La Cumpana, 7 Swing 48, 8 Felay, 9 Welcome to Bucarest, 10 Grooving Samourai, 11 Swing de Raph , 12 Going Somewhere Else, 13 Ballade Pour Emma

13 tracks high quality mp3 – immediat download

Gypsy Groove


Gypsy Groove Palinka

Making this album was really a challenge for us, our editor didn’t follow us, and I finally funded everything to be able to finish it… 🙂 But I’m very happy of the result, it is an ambitious and original album, which is not in a pre-established styles, not really gypsy, not just jazz … Inspiring compositions, mix of styles with jazz and eastern atmospheres…
For the occasion also made some clips, watch the one for Appel Indirect above, and here the one on a (superb) composition of Raph our sax:


Guitar Session

Welcome to Dan’s guitar session.net! I’m Daniel, and I’m playing gypsy jazz for more than 20 years now… I’m making youtube videos since 2014, and decided to do that more seriously in 2019, so I built this site and produce content for it regulary… You’ll find free video lessons about jazz, gypsy jazz, soloing, licks etc. and some big complete courses (paid).. Hopefully if you want to learn gypy jazz you’ll find lessons perfect for you !
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