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Free Gypsy Jazz Backing Track/Play Along on “Guitar Session”

Hello everyone !

I’m still working a lot on Guitar Session ! Now you can have access to a lot of Free Gypsy Jazz Backing Tracks, the list is growing 🙂 it’s high quality recording, with indication of the actual chord, and at least for 10mn of practice… No excuse to work 🙂
Just register to have access to everything, hope you will enjoy…
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Here is the list of the available play along for now:

All of me 130bpm
All of me 210 Bpm
All the thing you are 200bpm
All the thing you are 240bpm
Autumn Leaves 120bpm
Autumn Leaves 200Bpm
Armando’s Rhumba 90bpm
Armando’s Rhumba 120bpm
Blues Mineur 130Bpm
Blues Mineur 160Bpm
Blues Mineur 180bpm
Bossa Dorado 130bpm
Bossa Dorado 160bpm
Djangology 140bpm
Djangology 200bpm
Django’s Tiger 160bpm
Django Tiger 210 Bpm
Donna Lee 120bpm
Donna Lee 160bpm
Donna Lee 200bpm
Donna Lee 240bpm
For sephora 160bpm
For Sephora 180bpm
Les yeux noirs (Dark eyes) 190bpm
Les yeux noirs (Dark eyes) 230bpm
Les yeux noirs 290
Made In France 170bpm
Made in France 210 Bpm
Made in France 230bpm
Minor Swing 150bpm
Minor Swing 190bpm
Minor Swing 210bpm

Access here to the free gypsy jazz play along

Here is an exemple of one of our backing track on All of me…

All of me 210bpm Backing Track

All of me 210bpm Backing Track

And on Minor Swing

Minor Swing 210 Bpm - Backing Track

Minor Swing 210 Bpm - Backing Track

March 20, 2020
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