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EN Presentation

EN Presentation

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The famous waltz “La Gitane” from Tchan Tchou Vidal…

  • Vidéo with onscreen tablatures played slowly (130bpm) and you have slow down more option of course!
  • 20++ vidéos (more than d’1h30): ‘La pompe’, chords, Harmony, Theme, right hand technique, Scales used, for every part
  • Videos got all tablatures and images on screen really convenient to understand what is played !
  • Complete PDF transcription and Guitar Pro file
  • 24 pages Pdf Doc with all details, scales, chords and exercices seen in the vidéos if needed
  • backing tracks: 145, 160, 180,195 et 210bpm vidéo with the chords, and downloadable mp3

Course Curriculum

Presentation 00:00:00
La gitane normal speed + your files 00:00:00
La Gitane – Slow with tablatures on screen 00:05:40
Slow version with the tablatures onscreen to work ! use the AB loop function and slow down if needed !!
Beginner Lesson
La gitane PlayAlong with all chords diagrams 00:03:55
To practice the rythm and learn chords on la gitane
Waltz Gypsy jazz Rhythm 00:07:40
Basic Harmony 00:03:20
A quick resumé of basic harmony theorie to understand more what's going on with chords !
Basic Right Hand Gypsy Jazz Technique – 5 exercisesFREE 00:08:55
Rest strokes, Downstrokes.. Get the basis of Gypsy jazz technique
Rythm – Part A – Line 1 and 2 00:03:38
Rythm – Part A – Line 3 00:04:38
Let's see the descent chords Dm to Dm6 and D7 !
Rhythm – Part A – Line 4 00:03:17
Using Diminished Chords 00:05:40
Let's see how we can use diminished chords to do some nice chords movement
Rhythm – Part B 00:02:05
Part B explained
Rhythm – Part A’ 00:09:26
Rhythm – Part C 00:06:04
Let's see now the C part in D major
Global Structure 00:00:40
Theme Introduction 00:04:35
Theme – Which scale 00:02:07
Theme – Part A 00:21:38
Theme – Part second A 00:05:31
Theme – Part B 00:07:44
Theme – Part A’ 00:10:26
We will see here how to work the glissandos, and diminished arpeggios... Also the lines on the autumn leaves sequence...
Theme – Part C 00:10:20
Part C - The D major part on the theme..
Theme Part A’ Bis 00:06:20
Second time we play the A', but the beginning is not the same, let's have a look at that
Theme – Final A 00:03:16
Conclusion 00:00:42
Backing Tracks
La Gitane Play Along 145Bpm 00:00:00
La Gitane Play Along 160Bpm 00:00:00
La Gitane Play Along 160Bpm
La Gitane Play Along 180bpm 00:00:00
La Gitane Backing Track 180bpm
La Gitane Play Along 210Bpm 00:00:00
La Gitane Backing Track 210Bpm

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