YOU WANT TO Improve your GYPSY JAZZ playing ?


YOU WANT TO Improve your GYPSY JAZZ playing ?





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a legendary gypsy jazz waltz

-La gitane is a legendary waltz composed by Tchan Tchou and played by all great players, it's a must known song... Angelo Debarre, Stochelo Rosenberg, Tchavolo Schmitt... and hopefully soon, YOU !

work amazing lines, licks and arpeggios

La gitane is the perfect tune to focus on for some time and start learning typical gypsy jazz licks, effects and virtuoso arpeggios !

learn this amazing waltz

Improve your playing

2H+ of lessons

included in the course:

25+ VIDEOS Lessons



+SLOW VERSION (130BPM) / TABS & diagrams on SCREEN

See Right hand and left hand slowly in action

+loop and slow down parts you need to work

+GUITAR PRO + PDF transcription FILES

+pdf document with all exercices (25+ pages)

+backing tracks

145, 160, 180,195 et 210bpm
Videos with chords and download mp3

LA gitane complete lesson

Start working now !
 20.00 €
  • 25+ detailed videos / All licks explained / +2h of content
  • Theme Played Slowly with onscreen tabs / Slow down and loop options
  • Pdfs, Guitar Pro, Backing Tracks, videos and mp3 at multiple tempos
  • Access 7/24 in your account

– Why learn gypsy jazz with an online course?

  • Think about it, an hour’s lesson usually costs around € 30, if not more.
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to find a nice teacher, who takes the time to really explain things to YOU without just doing a demo of what HIM can do …
  • Sometimes he does not take the time to give you the documents corresponding to what you have just seen … (“Well you will remember it huuh no need to make you the tabs ???”)
  • Add to that the time you have to take to go there, back and forth …

– Now think about the benefits of learning online:

  • Very detailed videos, with tablatures, chords and other diagrams which appear on the screen .
  • Videos with the themes played slowly with the synchronized tablature which scrolls at the same time, no hesitation, you see exactly what is happening and can learn the tablatures at the same time
  • You can slow down and loopthe parts that are causing you difficulty
  • Go back to any courses at any time is of course permanent in your account … 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • You access full trancriptions in pdf
  • Guitar pro files
  • Backing tracks in multiple tempos: mp3 and video with chords …

The advantages with online courses are amazing & help your learning !!

Who am I ?

Learn-Gypsy-Jazz-with-DanHello everyone, my name is Daniel, I’m a french guitarist playing gypsy jazz for 20 years and have a youtube channel where I put educational guitar videos since 2014… 
Teaching in this style is always, because students are really strongly motivated to learn and to progress ! They love to work hard to reach they goal and I love helping them to succeed in learning new things… And there is so much to learn ! 🙂

In parrallel I make music for videos, and I play and tour with my bands Asseo Quartet and Palinka, and play mostly gypsy jazz and modern jazz, see you soon !


Guitarist, Composer

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