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Hi all ! I have just went to listen to all my previous albums of the last few years to add them to the Guitar Session Album Store… By listening to all this I wanted to do tablatures and share them 🙂 here is that of Catastrophe, a track taken from the album that we had done with my group Palinka 10 years ago! With sax, violin, double bass drums and me on guitar, not 100% gypsy but inspired by django anyway 🙂 and with a majority of original compositions …

If you want to try playing it download the pdf here:

Pdf Download


Palinka CatastropheCatastrophe ! 2nd album of Palinka Band… 13 original tracks Jazz / Tsigane / Gypsy jazz / a nice mix of energetic original songs !

Playlist: 1 Catastrophe, 2 Dragosh, 3,Petit Samouraï, 4 Doha Hora, 5 Doha Dolmesk, 6 Mario’s Boogalo Delirium, 7 Aie Aie Aie, 8 Bye Bye Novisad , 9 Le Pivert, 10 Jasmin, 11 Rue Myrha, 12 Raphology, 13/14 Tranquille à Belleville

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  1. Catastrophe
  2. Jasmin
  3. Petit Samourai
  4. Mario Boogaloo
  5. Le pivert
  6. Bye bye Novi Sad
  7. Aie aie aie

Guitar, Vocal: Daniel Beja / Saxophone: Raphael Illes / DoubleBass: Nathanael Malnoury  / Doublebass 2 & 7: Flavio Perrella / Violin : Yohan Rochetta / Drums: Martin Vanlemberghe / Compositions: Daniel Beja – composition n°12: Raphael Illes / Guests: Yom (Klezmer King), Clarinet on 10 / Sylvia Auclair,  vocal on 8 / Recorded at studio “Sextant – La Fonderie” by Romain Thebault

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