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Here are 9 intro in the gypsy jazz style… In gypsy jazz we sometimes use the same introductions for a lot of songs ! so it’s good to have more ideas and not do all the time the same thing… Here you will have 9 differents ideas of introductions ! don’t hesitate to adapt or modify everything you want to make it yours !

Ok you can get the pdf by subscribing here:

Hope you’ll enjoy ! 🙂

Pdf Download

::: Summary :::
00:00 Intro 1 CMaj Turnaround
00:39 Intro 2 Gminor
01:21 Intro 3 GMaj Chromatic
01:57 Intro 4 Dmin
02:34 Intro 5 GMaj / B
03:12 Intro 6 Gmaj Classic
03:52 Intro 7 Emin Waltz
04:07 Intro 8 CMaj
04:45 Intro 9 GMaj[/one_half]

Learn gypsy jazz Guitar Session Dan
Guitar Session  – Learn gypsy jazz !

Gypsy jazz is really really a typical style with a very recognizable sound, and sometimes we can same one songs look to others… Introductions can be a way to change a little bit but you must know a lot of different stuff… You can download here the pdf with 9 different gypsy jazz introduction, it will help you to be creative 🙂 🙂

have fun


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