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Scale: Major Scale in 7 positions for guitar

Here are the 7 common position to play the CMajor Scale, find also the G majeur scale below.

C Major Scale

Position 1 CMaj Position Gamme 1 Guitare
Position 2 CMaj Position 2 Gamme Guitare
Position 3 CMaj Position 3 Gamme Guitare
Position 4 CMaj Position 4 Gamme Guitare
Position 5 CMaj Position 5 Gamme Guitare
Position 6
Position 7 CMaj Position 7 Gamme Guitare

G major Scale in 7 positions

Position 1 GMaj-Position-Guitar-Scale-1
Position 2 GMaj-Position-Guitar-Scale-2
Position 3 GMaj-Position-Guitar-Scale-3
Position 4 GMaj-Position-Guitar-Scale-4
Position 5 GMaj-Position-Guitar-Scale-5
Position 6 GMaj-Position-Guitar-Scale-6
Position 7 GMaj-Position-Guitar-Scale-7
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