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I’ll see you in my dreams presentation

I’ll See You in my Dreams gypsy jazz

I’ll see you in my dreams is a great standard written by Isham Jones in 1924. Django recorded a version in 1939 and his solo is an real example of his amazing ideas and sense of melody.. Woody Allen also use this song in his film Sweet and lowdown, with a really nice old style version by Alden Howard !

So in this course we will focus on the Django version, you will have access :

  • The complete Django’s version played slowly with onscreen tablatures
  • The chords progression analysed with all chords possibilities
  • The introduction of “I’ll see you in my dreams” explained
  • The Django’s solo analysis line by line / tips to memorize it [/one_half]
  • Arpeggio exercise on each chord of the chord progression of “I’ll see you in my dreams”
  • 20 pages pdf with all diagrams and arpeggios + pdf transcriptions + guitar pro
  • 6 Backing tracks at different tempos (from 130 to 230)

Let’s start to work ! 🙂


Here is the Chord Progression of “I’ll see you in my dreams”, we are going to see the harmony of the piece, chords by chords, degree by degree and see all the possible chord positions …

Next we’ll see Django’s introduction, and how he actually thinks over the harmony to do it.
Then the theme, line by line with the corresponding arpeggios and chords and tips for doing it correctly.
Then of course Django’s famous solo with all the details to interpret it correctly … Line by line, arpeggio by arpeggio to help you memorize it and interpret it as best as possible.
We will also see a great exercise in arpeggios across the chord progression, to help you assimilate them and use them in context …

It is important to understand how important arpeggios are here, in more traditional Jazz we will rather learn scales corresponding to chords but it is crucial for this piece, and to learn gypsy jazz in general to visualize the important notes of the chords and therefore the arpeggios to sound in the style .. And for that this solo is an example of the genre .. Django gives us a masterful lesson in creativity, inventiveness & with arpeggios in I’ll see you in my dreams ..

So ! Lots of things to assimilate this piece, take your guitar, & let’s start!

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