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Learn La Gitane, Gypsy waltz

Hello every one ! I’m very excited today because I just launched my first big course ! It’s on the waltz “La gitane”, I did really a lot of work to provide the best content possible, so it’s a very detailed course with more than 20 videos lessons and 2h of content !

La gitane gypsy jazz lesson

La Gitane is an amazing waltz written by Paul Tchan Tchou vidal, and I think it’s really a great way to improve your playing by working this tune! Everything is inside: Crazy licks, typical arpeggios, right hand workout… The harmony is not so difficult, and learning by heart all those licks will help you for a lot of other songs !

La gitane gypsy waltz lesson

Here is the content available.. The lesson on “La Gitane” took me really a lot of time to set up, I edited each video to put all the accurate content, tablature, or diagram on it so you have access to everything on the videos… You can also loop the part you want to work and slow down everything so that’s really convenient !

La gitane is divided in 4 Parts, 3 minor and 1 major… We will see everything each chords, the harmony, the right hand technique, and for the solo each line… With simplified exercice to work and play it the best you can !Learn-la-gitane-gypsy-jazz

I had a difficult time decided how much I should charge, I mean after putting so much content for free on youtube ! Now the amount of work and content available decided me to put a 39€ fee, with intro price at 29€ !  I think it’s quite a good deal for the content & technology behind all that when you think that a one to one 1h lesson is often more than 30€ !

Check the complete presention page here:

Learn La Gitane gypsy jazz Lesson
Learn La Gitane gypsy jazz Lesson

Ok I hope you’ll like it ! & let me know what you think 🙂

See you soon !


June 3, 2020
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