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Adieu Paris

Also available in (Dispo aussi en): Français

Hello Everyone ! I’m still working on my new Album for my quartet… I did a video at the beginning of the year and recorded everything…

Here is the video of my composition “Adieu Paris”..

Hope you will like it !

Adieu Paris – Asseo Quartet

I had a lot of fun, I did it alone walking with my little camera, an old canon 600d and a little gimbal… Some friends helped me also so I want to thanks Alina and my buddy Philou !!
I did the editing also on premiere… Being a full time musician makes you polyvalent haha ! 🙂
So here are the musicians:

Guitars: Dan Asseo
Violin: Matteo Gallus
Doublebass: Maurizio Congiu

I didn’t finish this project yet, I’ll let you know when there is more stuff coming ! See you soon.


September 11, 2020

2 responses on "Adieu Paris"

  1. Hello super cool cette balade nostalgique à Paris ! Bravo et merci !
    Alors ? En route pour de nouvelles aventures ?

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