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New album & 10000 subscribers on youtube celebration !

Youtube 10k celebration!

Hello everyone! I hope everything is going well for you and that you are working the guitar like crazy!
So I’m super happy right now because I finally reach 10,000 subscribers on YouTube! 🙂

if you are not yet, come on subscribe ! it’s here: Youtube Guitar Session 🙂

To celebrate, here is a big promotion:

All gypsy jazz courses and albums are on sale at -50% until the end of March! hope you’ll enjoy learning with me !

New Album

Also I have some big news about my upcoming album Adieu Paris I’m finaly finishing it !

So in the next weeks I will upload one video per week with the tablature of the theme and/or solo of a selection of those songs that I found interesting ! Hope you will like it ! 🙂

Here is the playlist of the album:AsseoQuartet Adieu Paris

01-Valse pour Ed – 02:44 (Daniel “Asseo” Beja)
02-Adieu Paris – 03:21 (Daniel “Asseo” Beja)
03-All the thing you Are – 03:06 (Jerome Kern)
04-Beautiful Love – 03:00 (King, Young,Alstyne,Gillespie)
05-Guitarist Disease 03:59 (Daniel “Asseo” Beja)
06-Donna Lee – 03:31 (Charlie Parker)
07-Giant Seven Step – 03:16 (Daniel “Asseo” Beja)
08-Hora Madness – 02:24 (Daniel “Asseo” Beja)
09-Hora Martisorului – 02:05 (Grigoras Dinicu)
10-Djelem Djelem  – 04:40 (Trad)
11-Manege Express – 02:07 (Daniel “Asseo” Beja)
12-Made in France – 03:23 (Bireli Lagrene)
13-Road To Istanbul – 05:08 (Daniel “Asseo” Beja)

I’m finishing it this week So stay tuned !

Ok have a good week and see you soon !

March 9, 2022

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