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“C’est si bon” the famous song in a gypsy jazz way… here you can download the pdf file with  the complete theme and my solo… hope you will like it ! 🙂

This version can be find in my album Django’s Road…

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C’est si bon is a song written in 1947 by Henri Betti .. It has become a standard played by hundreds of singers including Yves Montand and Louis Armstrong … More recently  by Bireli Lagrène in a jazz trio version. .

Here is a typical version of gypsy jazz quite dynamic, where I had fun on the theme with harmonics sometimes, and a rather quick solo … The harmony of the piece is quite interesting with II VI VI turning and a B part original … The end of the chord progressionis very similar to the one of Fill in guitar if you want to try it too …

Do well and see you soon!

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