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Made in france jazz song is a great gypsy waltz composed by the amazing Bireli Lagrene & played in a 6/8 jazz feel…
The theme is in a typical gypsy jazz style and the chord progression gives great opportunities for the improvisition, with a long part with just one chord, wich is not so usual in this style…
It’s a great song, played often in jam session, and very interesting to learn… I propose you to go deep into it, with the introduction, the theme explained and two solo completly analysed from A to Z…
Made in France Jazz theme, introduction, 2 solos, pdf, backing track & guitar pro file:
2H of videos and 40 pages pdf to have everything !

Here is the complete version we will study:

Made in France (Bireli Lagrene) Complete lesson


Normal Version 220bpm

Made in France (Bireli Lagrene) Complete lesson

2h of videos Made in france jazz

Introduction, theme, chords, rhythm, solos, you'll get every part of the songs explained, played slowly and detailled in a nice way, so you have everything to work, learn, and progress !

Intro, chords, themes, solos explained

You'll get all infos to play every line with detailed videos, onscreen tablatures, diagrams, arpeggios, scales and all chords...

2 solos explained

I wrote 2 solos, one easy and one more advanced, played slowly with tablatures, and I'll explain everything, how I think, why I play each line and how I choose notes... You'll get also all scales and arpeggios with diagrams and tablatures for made in france jazz gypsy... I diagrams used of course!

Tablatures on screen
Left hand + right hand

You'll get the whole made in france jazz song played slowly with the tablature on screen... You can even slow down more and loop the parts you need to work ! I'll go in detail on the whole song, giving you tips and detail on how to play it line by line

Biréli Lagrène Gypsy Jazz Virtuoso

Made in France Bireli

Biréli Lagrène is a famous guitarist born in 1956 in a gypsy family, he is well known for playing gypsy jazz since he was a child… He’s also very polyvalent and played in a more jazz rock fusion style ! Going in new york and playing with Jaco Pastorius… He played with Al di meola, Paco de lucia, John McLaughlin, Benny Carter, Stéphane Grappelli, Stanley Clarcke, Stanley Clarcke, Charlie Haden… To make it simple he’s a real legend in the jazz world and especially in gypsy jazz where he made a come back in the 2000’s with his new band really playing gypsy jazz in a traditionnal way: Gypsy Project…

Made in France jazz song is one of his great composition, well known in gypsy jazz and oftenly played in jam sessions…   

Made in France jazz: 2h curriculum !

Made in France jazz gypsy presentation

** Presentation: Made in France Lesson & Jazz improvisation techniques 00:01:29
** Made in France Normal Version (220bpm) 00:02:12
** Made in France slow with tablatures + your files 00:03:05

Rhythm & Chords

** Basic rhythm and all gypsy jazz chords 00:20:24
** Playback 1 Simple Chord progression example 00:01:17
** Simple chord progression analysis 00:03:58
** Playback advanced chord progression example 00:01:18
** Advanced chord progression explanation 00:09:30

Theme and Solo

** Theme Introduction 00:04:45
** Theme explanation 00:12:22
** Improvisation 1: Easy 00:01:21
** Improvisation 1: explanation 00:18:26
** Improvisation 2: Advanced 00:01:30
** Improvisation 2: Explanation 00:28:38
** Triads, Arpeggios and Scales 00:27:15


Conclusion 00:00:45

Gaetan D.
Gaetan D.
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Ok this one is really great, your improvisations are well done with great idea and I love how you stop line by line to explain what you are doing ! Thanks again Dan 🙂
Phillip T.
Phillip T.
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It's a great tune indeed ! And I love the slow version, I can see everything clearly, it's really great !

Made in France jazz lesson

Intro price
 20.00 €
  • 11 videos for 1h20 of content
  • all licks, arpeggios, chords and harmony explained
  • Onscreen tablatures, diagrams and shapes line by line !
  • Introduction / Theme / 2 Solos / All Scales & Arpeggios
  • 40 pages pdf + guitar pro + 5 Backing tracks

your instructor


Hello guys, I’m Daniel, I’m playing gypsy jazz for 20 years now, in a lot of french bands … In 2014 I started a youtube videos channel and I post there videos of guitar frequently…

Students in this style are often really very motivated and this is really great for a teacher ! You can see the progress each weeks… it’s great to help them to learn new gypsy jazz licks and techniques… 

This Made in France Tab Gypsy Jazz lesson was really great to do and challenging, in order to make an interesting solo and explain everything I did on it… Hope you will enjoy 🙂 

In parrallel I play in my band Asseo Quartet, Palinka, and I make music for films & videos…

Hope you’ll like what you find here, see you soon !


– Why learn gypsy jazz with an online course?

  • Think about it, an hour’s lesson usually costs around € 30, if not more.
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to find a nice teacher, who takes the time to really explain things to YOU without just doing a demo of what HIM can do …
  • Sometimes it does not take the time to give you the documents corresponding to what you have just seen … (“Well you will remember it huh I’m not making you the tabs ???”)
  • Add to that the time to go there, back and forth …

– Now think about the benefits of learning online:

  • On our site you will have access to very detailed videos, with tablatures, chords and other diagrams which appear on the screen .
  • Videos with the themes played slowly with the synchronized tablature which scrolls at the same time, no hesitation, you see exactly what is happening and can learn the tablatures at the same time
  • You can slow down and complete the parts that are causing you difficulty
  • Access to the courses is of course permanent in your account … 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • You access full trancriptions in pdf
  • Guitar pro files
  • Backing tracks in mp3 and video file with chords …

The advantages when the course is well done are undeniable to help your learning !!

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