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Learn gypsy jazz ! free video lesson

Hello everyone ! I just started a free lesson to learn gypsy jazz, it’s really for beginners and you will learn your first gypsy jazz chords and how to do the rythm “La pompe” ! It’s one of my good friend (Philou) who plays a little bit of guitar who asked me to how he could learn gypsy jazz, so I made a serie of video for him and everyone !

You can find it here Learn gypsy jazz on Minor swing with my buddy Philou !

Learn Gypsy jazz - Subtitle text box
Subtitle text box

It’s in french and of course you have english subtitles, and a great feature to navigate in the text as you can see here..

Click on the little button of the player:
You’ll get all the translated text  and you can navigate in it to go where you want…

Learn gypsy jazz Subtitle text box
Subtitle text box

Of you have also the possibility to loop parts of the video ! Activate the AB button, and then you can click on “i” to start the loop and on “o” to choose the end point of the loop, it will start looping ! and also you can slow down everything, so if you want to learn a specific line, just loop it and slow it down !
A lot of great possibilities to make it easier for you to learn ….
Lesson is here:

[course id=”9008″]


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