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Presentation: Made in France Lesson & Jazz improvisation techniques

Made in France lesson & Gypsy Jazz improvisation techniques

Made in France is a composition by Bireli Lagrene, it’s a great waltz played with a jazzy 8/6 feel… You can listen to it on the Duet album with  Sylvain Luc or in the great Live a Vienne show with Bireli and a lot of amazing guests from 2002 ! It’s really a typical gypsy jazz tune, in the harmony and the style of the melody… The rhythm changes a little bit as we don’t play it as an usual ¾ waltz and there’s also some more modern possibilities with this long B7 part in the C part.. (not so common in gypsy jazz to have the same chord more than 4 bars ! 🙂 )

  • Theme and solo transcriptions pdf & played slowly with on screen tablatures

  • Chords progression – Simple and advanced

  • Jazz Improvisation Techniques explained: Simple & Advanced solo explained line by line

  • All arpeggios and scales detailed with diagrams

Hello everyone and thank you for taking this course !

Please login to download your files, you’ll get a 40+pages pdf with all diagrams and explanation I’ll show you in all those videos, and of course the pdf transcriptions, guitar pro file and backing tracks in mp3…

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made in france jazz improvisation techniques We will see a lot of things to learn this song of course, but also to learn and improve your improvisation knowledge ! How we choose arpeggios and scales depending on the actual chord and context, advanced harmony to make interesting lines and how to jump from one scale to the other… In This made in france course we’ll also analyse two improvisations, one easy and one with more advanced jazz improvisation techniques to learn gypsy jazz the good way 🙂 Line by line we will see what is happening and wich arpeggios and scales are used. You will have access also to all the diagrams of the corresponding arpeggios and scales, on screen in the videos and also in the pdf that you can download, so you can work and assimilate those exemples in your playing…

  1. The rhythm we do on guitar, and all the chords position on the progression, with simple and advanced exemple.
  2. Play the theme properly, line by line
  3. We’ll analyse 2 improvisations I wrote, one easy and one more advanced. I will explain how I think when I improvise on each chord, how I choose the scales and arpeggio and what is going on in my head to mix everything 
  4. And finally work on a lot of improvisation theory & technique for each chords !

[divider style=”clear”] While learning this song and the solos you will work the diminished arpeggio, the diminished scale, the minor harmonic and melodic scale, arpeggios: m6, m7, and m9, the whole scale, and more with great examples based on the improvisation we will analyse. This made in France lesson will be a great source of inspiration for your own solos, don’t hesitate to take and learn by heart some of the line we will analyse and assimilitate them to use them in your own solos… of course I encourage you to transform them, to add your own feeling and to make them yours 🙂 Learn-Gypsy-Jazz-with-DanThis “Made in France Lesson” took me a lot of time to realize, and I tried to put a lot of technical details and advice for improvisation. Even if there’s a lot of detail, scale and arpeggio diagrams, I can’t stress enough to tell you to mix things ! Improvisation is not playing a scale straight ! it’s about finding the right melody mixing all your knowledge…  So do not hesitate to navigate in this course and to go here or there to get what you do not know yet, and I hope that it will allow you to progress at best and at your own pace. Go slowly but surely, and with passion ! Now grab your guitar and get started ! Dan

Made in France lesson presentation

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