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Learn Gypsy Jazz with Minor Swing – Free Lesson


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Hello everyone !Learn Gypsy jazz free lessonA good friend of mine who plays a little bit of blues asked me how he could learn Gypsy Jazz, I told myself it was a good occasion to make some nice beginners videos for gypsy jazz on Minor Swing & to share it on my channel ! It’s really the basis stuf to know how to start in a good way…

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Course Curriculum

Minor Swing Free lesson
Basic Right Hand Technique 00:08:55
Rest strokes, Downstrokes.. Get the basis of Gypsy jazz technique
1-Learn the chords and rythm on Minor SwingFREE 00:13:00
Dans cette leçon vous apprendrez à jouer Minor Swing avec 3 accords et juste 2 positions ! On travaillera aussi la rythmique basique: la pompe
2-New chords and rythm adviceFREE 00:00:00
Ici 2 nouveaux accords, et des conseils rythmique pour régler les problèmes habituels des débutants...
3 – Metronome work, Diminished Chords …FREE 00:26:41
Accords diminués, montée en accords, travail au métronome, ça devient sérieux !
4-Improvisation for beginners on minor swingFREE 00:08:06
Learn the 3 first arpegios to start improvising on Minor Swing
Minor Swing Solos
Django’s Solo on Minor SwingFREE 00:00:00
Grappelli’s Solo on minor swing for Guitar pdfFREE 00:00:00
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